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Downloading books for offline reading


Follow the process below to use the cloudLibrary web patron app to download books to your e-ink device

Before you begin!

Ensure you have Adobe Digital Editions installed on your computer. The latest version can be found here: 

1 | Go to
Choose your library from the drop-down menus

library picker

2 | Click on the green Login button in the upper right. Input your Library ID and PIN. 

3 | Search your library’s collection. When you find your desired book, borrow it!

4 | Once borrowed, the Book Details screen will show the text Download for offline reading. Click on the text link and the file will download onto your computer’s designated download folder.

offline reading

5 | Log-in to Adobe Digital Editions with your Adobe ID and password. If you don’t have one you will need to create one using the Create an Adobe ID link in the menu.

adobe digital editions

6 | Add the title to your library:
Once in Adobe Digital Editions, click on File from the upper menu and choose “Add to Library”

Adobe Digital Editions library

7 | Navigate to the folder with your downloaded file and find the book file. You may have to choose Adobe content server message as the file type. Open the file.

Adobe Digital Editions downloads

8 | The book will now open in Adobe Digital Editions. To read on your e-ink device, use your normal ADE-to-device process.

Adobe Digital Editions sample
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